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Fitzgerald and Hemingway

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Discover the places F. Scott Fitzgerald and Hemingway lived, worked and visited. Walk in the footsteps of your favourite authors and their characters.  Literary Guidebooks for Paris, London, Hollywood, Provence, Italy, Madrid, St Paul, Key West, New York and Long Island and more...

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New Titles Coming Soon!

Fitzgerald in NewYork and Long Island written by Paul Bond.

Fitzgerald in London written by Hannah Robinson.


Fitzgerald in North Carolina by David Rennie


Fitzgerald in Switzerland by David Rennie

Fitzgerald in Rome by Paul Bond


Hemingway in Cuba written by Frances O'Neill and Ehi Ogona


Hemingway in China written by David Rennie


Hemingway in Provence written by Frances O'Neill and David Rennie.

Hemingway in Oak Park / Chicago by David Rennie


Hemingway in Pamplona by David Rennie


Hemingway in Ketchum / Wyoming by David Rennie

Hemingway in NewYork by Lilly Morcos

All guides edited by Frances O'Neill

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